My first review

I got my first little book review in Bookseller last week. I couldn’t stop crying for several hours after reading it. It took a while to understand why I was crying so much. My tears were not so much the result of being moved by the kind words of the reviewer, (though of course that was part of it) but they seemed very much more because of the absolute pride I felt for Mum. Every time I read it, I felt like I was reading about something that Mum had done, not me. And that’s true in a way. This book is Mum’s legacy. None of this would have happened without Mum’s life – and death. And so, this entire journey has and continues to be a collaborative effort between Mum and me. We’re a team and I’ve never felt it as strongly as I did when I read that review.

My reaction to the review also highlighted just how much this experience of writing and publishing the book has really forged a deep and infinite sense of connection with Mum. Since Mum died, I’ve heard many times from people “she’ll always be with you.” And whilst I believe that, I don’t often feel it. But this book really does it for me. To me it’s a real manifestation of the eternal connection I will have with Mum, and that’s more than I ever expected or imagined possible when I set out on this project.

If interested – you should be able to see the review by clicking the link below.

Click to access bookseller.pdf



2 thoughts on “My first review

  1. Annie – I feel exactly the same as you about my ‘mum’ blog and its small successes etc – you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth…and in such an eloquent way! Such a beautiful idea that we and our mums are collaborative teams! I totally agree…Massive well done (to both members of the team!) on your book, the review and everything you’ve achieved. x

  2. Annie, Well done. reviews just validate how right you were to write your book. In my belief system, your mum is always at your shoulder, inside your shadow, just out of sight. Trust … xxx

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