10 days to go…

In 10 days my book We Need to Talk About Grief will be available for the public to read. Yikes. Its clear to me, and by now I’m sure many people, that I’m rather fond of writing publicly about raw and painful personal material. But, there’s something significantly more revealing about an entire book on the stuff being read by lots of strangers. I sort of feel on the cusp of having my journal published. That’s not to say that I regret any of this – quite the opposite. I am excited and hopeful that it reaches the hands of anyone who is in need of this book. But, I have noticed as the publication date approaches, a new kind of anxious anticipation emerging; the anxious anticipation of what it will feel like to display my soul to all. I can feel myself internally gearing up…preparing to really own what I have achieved and communicated to the public. In truth there have been times when I have wanted to run and hide, pretend it wasn’t me, but that fear is slowly shrinking away. And particularly after having just commemorated Mum’s 3rd Deathday, the timing feels right.

So, fingers crossed! If you want to read some other bits and pieces I’ve written about my experience, and the book, you will find a piece in Woman and Home magazine and Psychologies Mag, both out this Friday. There’s some other exciting publicity coming up but I’m not allowed to say anything yet – so just keep your eyes and ears peeled!

3 thoughts on “10 days to go…

  1. Annie … when your book is out in the public domain you will feel a mix of elation and vulnerability (I am guessing …) From my experience, it is wonderful when people contact you to say how much you are helping them, but at the same time you feel as though you are laid bare and exposed (emotionally) in a way that is only conveyed and shared through the written word. Rest assured that your book will be gratefully received. Anyone who can reduce the fears and taboo associated with loss, grief and bereavement is, I believe, most welcome!.
    Good luck! – not that you need it! xxx

  2. Hi Annie – no wonder you feel apprehensive as well as excited!…You’re bound to experience a deluge of contradictory emotions especially considering what this book’s about and where it’s come from. It’s an absolutely wonderful thing to have done/to be doing though – for the others out there who will be in need of the book, for you, and of course as a legacy for your Mum. A massive well done on all that you’ve achieved so far and for making something so positive from a terribly gruelling experience…I’m looking forward to next week’s launch..and all that it brings you! x

  3. Hi Annie – I’m so happy for you 🙂 if you feel the need to go abroad sometime, feel free to come and visit, there’s a room waiting for you. Good luck for your book and all the rest. Béatrice

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