Well, I had a book launch.

I. Had. A. Book. Launch.

It still doesn’t feel normal to say that sentence.

Other than Mum’s funeral, it was the biggest, most important event of my life. And it was magical. One week on and I am still glowing with all the love and warmth that filled that room. I felt so happy. And everyone else seemed so happy too. Yes there were tears, and there was a painful tone to the evening, with the felt absence of so many loved ones. But there was also joy and gratitude that the lives and deaths of those people had brought us all together. Below are a few photos of the night.

I have had some amazing responses to the book already and each time I read a new comment I feel moved to tears by the idea that my experience and what I chose to do with it might have helped someone else in some way. Even if it only helped out one person in a time of darkness and uncertainty, I would feel that this whole journey has been entirely worth it.

In a moment of shamelessness and pride I want to share a few of the comments I have received.

I’ve noticed the book working because at first I was a bit embarrassed to read it on the tube (in case people thought I was weird or sad) and now I’m holding it up proudly almost daring people to ask me about it. I now want to talk about grief!”

I am getting so much out of reading it. My mum has been reading her copy too and it has been wonderful to discuss it together”

Spent lunch on Sunday with my family all crying (in a good way) thinking about you and your mum and the book and they were telling me what it was like when their parents died. The book is working already! We’re talking about grief.”

A veritable Mozart of the pen….you tell the world things it did not know but needed to know.”

I started and finished the book last night in one sitting…I wish I had had the support when my dad died. I had no one and no one to tell. At 14 I lied and said he was still alive at times. Thank you for writing this beautiful book.”

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