About me

I am a qualified psychosynthesis therapist, working in private practice in London Bridge and for the NHS. I also assist on training seminars at Psychosynthesis Trust.

My journey to psychotherapy began in the field of grief and bereavement. After having worked for a number of years in palliative care and running bereavement groups, I wrote Speaking of Death (previously titled We Need to Talk About Grief).

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I then trained in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy, which is a model of therapy that works with the whole person – mind, feelings, body and spirit. My holistic and integrative approach works with people in a way that is most appropriate for them and is not simply trying to mend brokenness, but rather offers a broad perspective on life and includes space for the development of human potential.

In accordance with the BACP ethical framework for good practice, I am in regular supervision. Client anonymity is always maintained. I also engage in on-going personal and professional development activities as ways of deepening my knowledge, self-awareness and ability to self-reflect.

The first appointment is an opportunity for both of us to decide whether we wish to work together and if so, negotiate a contract. I will ask you some questions about yourself, your history, what makes you seek therapy at this time in your life and your hopes from therapy. We will also discuss how I work, fees, confidentiality and the practical arrangements for working together.

My main areas of practice and experience are in:

  • grief and bereavement,
  • co-dependency,
  • anxiety & panic attacks,
  • relationships,
  • personal crisis and depression,
  • anger management
  • need for self-exploration/self-discovery
  • low self-esteem
  • coping with change
  • lack of meaning

First Session is £40. My standard fee thereafter is £50. All sessions are 50 minutes. To book an initial session, or to find out more, you can contact me on annie.broadbent@gmail.com.