To know or not to know…

“The worst thing is not knowing…” Mary said to me recently. There followed a rather interesting discussion about whether it’s good to know when you’re going to die or not. Mary seems confused about what she wants at the moment. Soon after this comment she expressed utter horror that there are movies about people dyingContinue reading “To know or not to know…”

Home alone and Getting up from a Chair

I promised boxes, so here’s a story about unpacking boxes… I started writing this blog post after my first supper alone at my new house. I cooked the one and only dish I am confident at making – an omelette…and sat at my new shiny breakfast bar, with a glass of wine and a recordContinue reading “Home alone and Getting up from a Chair”

Bereaved Abroad and Casting Off

Blimey. It’s taken me much longer to write this post than planned…I’ve been very conscious of my resistance to writing it…constant procrastination since returning from tour. I wonder why. The main problem with leaving it so long between posts is that there is now so much I want to write about that it’s hard toContinue reading “Bereaved Abroad and Casting Off”

Training, qualifying and first referral

The first time I applied to do the clinical volunteer training at the hospice they turned me away. “It’s too early Annie, come back when its been at least a year.” I was so pissed off. 6 months in to my ‘first year of grief’ and I thought I had grief down…I thought I wasContinue reading “Training, qualifying and first referral”

Oh Heavenly Hospice

The care St Christopher’s Hospice gave my mum, and us, was just beyond words really. They really get death and dying there. Dame Cicely Saunders, who founded the hospice in 1967, wanted to provide a service which supported the ill, the dying and the bereaved; a holistic support that recognised the practical, emotional, social, and spiritualContinue reading “Oh Heavenly Hospice”