Dark Side of the Mum

“We can opt for hatred of hatred…or instead we can take as a model for our social as well as psychological well-being the complex, often painful reality of motherhood.”
Jacqueline Rose.


Dark Side of the Mum is an Instagram community, and podcast about the dark side of motherhood.

Currently, many mothers who are evidently struggling beyond the two weeks post-partum ‘baby blues’ can raise alarm bells with health visitors and midwives and are at risk of being given a diagnosis of a post-partum illness. This can contribute to the repression and shaming of the shadow side of mothering, making the true nature of motherhood, and all its messiness, forbidden and unmentionable. We are split between mothers with, and mothers without a post-partum disorder.

I want to de-pathologise the dark side of motherhood, and to raise awareness of the normality of negative thoughts and feelings towards ourselves and our babies during this phenomenal transition women go through. I also want to unpack and uncover the impact of the current medicalisation of maternal mental health on mothers and on society as a whole.

Dark Side of the Mum is currently a growing Instagram community which you can join at @dark_side_of_the_mum.

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